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A Biased View of Undereye Filler: 11 Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting It

Use of Cannula to inject the trough deformity has proven to cause less unwanted side effects like bruising or injuring nerves and veins.

» » Many patients come to us looking for a way to improve the overall appearance of their eyes. Specifically, men and women alike can look aged or fatigued due under eye bags or under eye puffiness. Instead of looking like they are chronically under-rested, our patients seek the expertise of Dr.

Tear Trough Correction - Dark Circles - The Naderi Center - An Overview

Dr. Biesman and his team provide a number of surgical and non-surgical treatments, for example , that can help correct under eye bags or puffiness under the eye and restore a more healthy and youthful appearance. The question is, which of these treatments is right for you? Following a one-on-one consultation, Dr.

Note that Dr. Biesman’s goal is to achieve a smooth transition from under the eye to the top of the cheekbone, but the recommended treatment option may differ from one patient to the next. For patients who may qualify for a non-surgical approach, Tear trough fillers can also be used in conjunction with blepharoplasty in order to achieve the optimal outcome.

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Some people are born with a deeper tear trough, thanks to simple genetics, while others can develop deeper tear troughs due to the aging process, as their cheeks gradually begin to sink. Hollowing in this area can lead to that appearance of fatigue or even sadness, even if you are in a perfectly good mood and have energy to spare.

Biesman may reposition this tissue depending on the patient’s needs, spreading it out in that “tear trough” area. This effectively allows Dr. Biesman to reduce the puffiness surrounding the eye while also filling out some of the hollow area between the eyelid and the top of the cheek. undefined. This optimizes the results of the surgery, preventing an overly hollow facial appearance.

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They may also be a good candidate for fillers, especially if the puffiness is mild or moderate. In these instances, the use of soft tissue fillers can help camouflage that puffiness and create a smoother, softer transition between the eyelid and the top of the cheek. However, for patients whose puffiness is more extreme, the use of soft tissue fillers alone may be insufficient for producing the desired results.

Biesman may recommend a combination of laser therapy and topical serums or creams, which can be effective in reducing discoloration. The best way to determine the kind of treatment that is right for your aesthetic concern is to schedule an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Biesman. If you are tired of constantly looking worn-out and fatigued, schedule a consultation with Dr.

The Of Tear Trough Fillers Treats Dark Circles, Eye Bags, Hollows

As a result, we have seen a rise in dermal filler complications that require correction by a skilled practitioner. If you have had dermal fillers that have gone wrong, we may be able to correct it for you. Continue reading as we outline the various problems that could occur as a result of botched tear trough treatment, why they might occur and how we can fix them for you.

The tear trough is a complex area to treat as the tissues are much thinner here than in other areas of the face, making any sort of problem much more obvious. Likewise, the proximity to the eye means that tear trough treatment is best performed by skilled oculoplastic surgeons, such as Daniel Ezra or Caroline Wilde, who understand the complex anatomy of the eye area and can successfully manage any post-operative eye-related complications if they arise.

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Dermal fillers gradually dissolve over time, so one option is simply to wait. However, we are seeing that fillers can last much longer than previously thought so most people choose to take corrective action. We are learning that the effects of fillers can last ten or fifteen years in some cases.

Fillers are hydrophillic which means that they absorb water like a sponge. This may be more common with the previous generation of fillers which appear to absorb increasing amounts of water. Routinely, we recommend investigation with a 3D MRI scan to determine the exact location and volume of filler retained in the face.

Under Eye Filler & Tear Trough Filler Jacksonville Fundamentals Explained

Occasionally ultrasound can be performed to identify if a swelling appears to be due to filler material but this modality of investigation is not as effective at providing an accurate representation of the overall picture. Hyaluronic acid fillers may be dissolved using an enzyme called hyaluronidase/hyalase. This enzyme is very effective at dissolving the filler away but concerns exist that it may have negative effects on natural tissues.

The study found that 59% of patients were satisfied with the result once the filler was dissolved, 24% of patients required more than one session of dissolving and 18% complained of post treatment changes such as hollowing, wrinkling and pigmentary changes of the skin. The study showed that patients who had higher volumes of filler and for longer duration were more likely to be aware of hollowing and wrinkling of the skin after dissolving.

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This is why we routinely recommend a 3D MRI scan before filler dissolving, so that patients are more informed about the possible outcomes from treatment. The process of filler dissolving is similar in some ways to having filler. The skin is cleaned and the problematic area infiltrated with the enzyme hyalase diluted in saline.

At first, the skin may appear deflated but this usually improves in the first few weeks as the skin recovers and plumps out again. Patients are generally reviewed about two weeks later to assess the response and plan further treatments. If large volumes of filler exist, often more than one session of dissolving may be required.

Getting The Which Filler Is Best For The Treatment Of Under Eye Tear Troughs? To Work

At this point, many patients are relieved that the swelling has resolved and choose not to have any further treatment whilst others may go on to have a small amount of filler placed in the correct location or surgery. A common problem encountered as a result of a practitioner using too much filler is the overfilling of the tear trough area, resulting in puffiness or noticeable lumps that may become more obvious when a patient smiles or when looking at the area from above.

As mentioned above, our solution to help correct the problem of an overfilled tear trough area is to dissolve the filler. Once this has settled, we can then apply the correct amount of filler, achieving a subtle change in appearance and the desired result of a younger, fresher you. Discolouration can occur where filler is injected under the skin only superficially.

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This occurs when filler is incorrectly placed above the orbicularis retaining ligament or is inserted under the skin too superficially. As fillers attract water, it can result in under-eye swelling where the solution is placed too close to the surface. The choice of filler product must also be carefully selected, as there are different types and they vary in the amount of water they attract and, therefore, the potential they have to cause swelling.